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Legal code: Information Technology Law

Net Neutrality. Free Speech on the Internet. Music Piracy. Governments snooping on their citizens. Who decides if all this is right, wrong or just plain murky? Who’d want to tackle the big ethical issues of the Internet Age: Wikileaks, Super-injunctions and social media, Edward Snowden?

Oily rags to riches: Motorsport Engineering

When you turn the key of your Bentley and the engine purrs to life, spare a thought for the minions who designed, manufactured and tested all those moving parts, perfected the aerodynamics, gave it brakes that make it stand on its nose and made the gear changes feel like silk.

The man with 26 million students

Zach Sims is a college dropout, a statistic of failure in education. Instead of getting an education, though, he founded a teaching company that now has 26 million students. Well played, Zach.

To think big, we must think small

If we really want the cool stuff we see in Science Fiction Movies, we are going to have to train more people in nanotechnology: the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale.