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Crouching tiger, hidden teacher: learn Chinese on Skype

Learning Chinese is not as hard as you might think. It just looks scary to Westerners because of the unfamiliar writing. In fact, Mandarin Chinese is refreshingly simple and logical to learn. Here’s an example from the British Council in which they introduce us to Chinese characters:

Learning with your Latté: PopUp College

Many bookshop chains in the United States have a coffee bar where shoppers can read in comfort with a pastry and a skinny latté or caramel macchiato. It’s a pretty good business idea, because even as people are evaluating books and making buying decisions, the store is selling them coffee. For the customer, it beats leafing through books whilst standing in aisles.

Survey: British people want to express themselves

Anyone who has been to the UK, or failing that, watched the movie Notting Hill will know that British people have difficulty expressing their feelings. Here is some evidence that despite their famous shyness, they’d actually quite like to let it all hang out. If that’s all right with you, of course. Sorry. Excuse me.