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How to teach a child to swim

Drowning is the leading cause of death for kids under the age of five, and a quarter of the US population of adults can’t swim. We asked Coach Brian Quinn from Swim Lesson Club USA to explain how to speed up the swimming lesson process. Here's what he has to say.


2 main roadblocks for learning how to swim are sensitivity to water on the face and the feeling of buoyancy. Sensory sensitivity is the fundamental reason why it is difficult to learn to swim.

WADA launches anti-doping eLearning platform

Elite athletes are special people who exist on a different plane from the average person. They are driven to succeed at all costs. But sporting authorities have drawn a line in the sand that can bring famous careers to an end if crossed: no performance-enhancing drugs. The world of doping in sport is therefore a delicately-poised knife edge of conflict, deception, and brinkmanship.

Rise of the football colleges

Football (soccer) is an industry like many others. But its pull is exceptionally strong for young people. Many years before they hear the call of operations management or get their heads round freight forwarding, they kick a ball around and fantasise about scoring at Wembley. This simple passion creates a funnel of eager souls wanting to get into the football industry.

Aloha from England: surf science in Cornwall

On the coast of Cornwall in England lies a section of coastline that has become legendary in UK surfing circles. Surf stores, hire shops and board makers huddle around this gem of a surfing site, with a west-facing beach that gathers Atlantic swells and turns them into consistent, powerful, breaking waves of up to 30 feet that are ideal for the sport. Newquay is the surf capital of the UK and Fistral Beach is its focus. Many of the best surfers in the world can be seen in action at the competitions held there.

Quit the day job and become a ski instructor

If you can already ski pretty well, there might be a career opportunity for you in the form of a recognised ski instructor qualification. Getting qualified could pay for your ski holidays. But first, which qualifications are the most widely recognised worldwide?

Celebrities teach their craft in eLearning courses

Think you could design a building like this one? Maybe you can, after some lessons from the man who designed it (Frank Gehry). Want to play tennis like Serena Williams or cook like Gordon Ramsay? Be as funny as Steve Martin? Act as well as Kevin Spacey or Dustin Hoffman? If you want to try, how about hearing these stars’ tricks of the trade in their own words?