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Rapid content authoring

We are experts in converting training materials into online courses. As more and more organisations move their training online where it can be accessed 24/7, we have turned huge amounts of slides, lecture notes, paper-based and PDF learning materials into fully functional online courses. If required, we can also supply a Learning Management System (LMS) to contain and deliver the courses, take learners through quizzes and tests and issue certificates.

If you are considering adopting online learning where previously you have delivered training face to face, we supply the technology that makes this a reality.

We use rapid content authoring tools to build online courses in the most efficient and streamlined way possible. This results in online courses that are:


The time to go-live will depend on the quantity and format of the materials you provide to us – but we always aim to get it done as quickly as possible.

Low cost

We don’t produce courses that look like high-end video games and we don’t hire Morgan Freeman to do the voiceovers. That kind of work costs huge amounts of money and takes a long time. We produce courses that work and look good, but without too many bells and whistles. If the aim is to get people trained in the most streamlined way possible, with all the essential information and teaching techniques but without the expensive eye candy, then you are on the right page. We are not film producers – we are eLearning experts.

Educationally sound

The learning materials you send us for conversion might be slides, PDFs, notes, or just a set of requirements. If you send us a ready-made course that you know is proven in the classroom, we will leave it structurally intact and apply our technology to convert it into eLearning. If your materials are more on the sketchy side, we’ll build the course using sound pedagogical principles, including our proven system of Delivery -> Discussion -> Activity -> Feedback.

The conversion process takes place in collaboration with you. You’ll be working with real people, rather than an automated website.

That leads to a better end product and higher student success rates.

Want to get existing learning content converted to eLearning (and have a low-cost LMS to deliver it to learners, if you don’t have one already)? Complete and submit the form below with some details about your course and we’ll get straight back to you to talk it through.