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How much will you earn after your degree?

The BBC has used research data from the Institute for Fiscal Studies to publish an interactive salary checker based on degree subject and university in the UK. It shows how graduate earnings vary five years after leaving each institution and subject, relative to the average degree, whatever that is. And it shows data for men and women, thus highlighting the gender pay gap.

Spreading kindness in online learning environments

Wednesday this week is World Kindness Day, bringing a swathe of global initiatives and events aimed at promoting being nice to each other. People worldwide will be encouraged to go out and do something they wouldn’t usually do that will benefit somebody else, directly or indirectly.

EcoGastronomy: stuff your face, not the planet

Increasingly, we can’t just enjoy food any more without considering its effect on the environment. Tucking into a juicy steak is, for growing numbers of people, no longer simply an exercise in indulgence devoid of concern for the meat’s provenance, whether it was relatively happy and humanely slaughtered, and how much methane it farted out when it was alive.

The million-dollar course about zombies

What could be worse than a scenario in which your own family turns into walking corpses who try to eat your brain? Well, nothing really – which is why the zombie apocalypse is so often used as a metaphor for any type of major global catastrophe, especially in the context of disaster preparedness. As the nec plus ultra of bad situations, its tongue-in-cheek use infers that if you can survive that, you can survive anything.