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New ‘T-Levels’ aim to boost UK technical education

The man responsible for the UK’s finances, Chancellor Philip Hammond, issued the nation’s 2017 budget last week. In his budget speech, he acknowledged that the UK trails much of the rest of the world when it comes to post-16 education in vocational subjects. In an effort to tackle this problem and boost the nation’s productivity, he plans to overhaul how technical education is administered and taught.

A drone is not just for Christmas: UAV pilot courses

Drones come in different types and sizes. Anyone can buy a small one and fly it around their garden for fun. But to fly a commercial drone – bigger versions that fly faster, higher and longer and carry high-resolution video cameras – you’ll need a licence. They are, after all, small aircraft and can cause damage or injure people and animals when they crash, not to mention the dangers of invading the flight paths of passenger jets at take-off and landing. You need to know where and when you are allowed to fly a commercial drone to avoid trouble with the law.

The ultimate dashboard for training managers

A new breed of software platform is emerging onto the training management market. It brings together in one place the many diverse functions that training managers need to keep track of, and streamlines processes for maximum responsiveness to change and increased profitability.