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The urban organism: Smart Cities

Smart cities aim to provide their residents with improved public services and better quality of life by investing in digital technologies. They also emphasize community involvement in the running of the city. With the key stakeholders (citizens) participating more directly in matters of infrastructure, mobility, environment, sustainability and economy, their city functions better and serves their needs and desires more efficiently. Digital technology aids citizens by providing real-time monitoring of services and utilities, and the ability to respond to changing needs in real time.

Poll position: New Market Research Courses

"Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers" - Voltaire


In business and government, making too many assumptions can be fatal. Business leaders and civil servants need hard data on their markets and customers if they do not want to be left stumbling around in the dark. On the daily news you often see names like Ipsos MORI, Gartner and ACNielsen, often at the foot of a pie chart, animation or other representation of data. These are three of the leading companies who do market research, alongside other activities like polls and consulting.

Animal Behaviour: why do they do that?

A lot of the time we think animals are funny or cute. But in reality that is just us projecting our human mindset onto them. The animals themselves are living out dramas as serious as anything we live through ourselves.