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Welcome to the All You Can Eat Coding Buffet

Welcome to the All You Can Eat Coding Buffet

Still paying piecemeal for your coding classes? Locked into a long academic IT course? Get with it. A new style of pay-once-and-study-all-you-want training offer has hit the web, and here we’ll look at two examples that cost just $50 for a lifetime subscription. Welcome to the All You Can Eat Coding Buffet where you can come in any time you like and snack to your heart’s content, then come back again and again, all for a one-time payment of $50.

Tempting dishes are on offer at SitePoint for web developers. SitePoint Premium gives you permanent unfettered access to 70 courses, 300 tutorials and 80 eBooks covering CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Node, TypeScript, and more. You can learn about the Google Maps API, how to control HTML5 video with JavaScript and a host of other techniques.

New content is uploaded monthly, so you are not buying frozen-in-time learning materials. In addition, there are unlimited downloads of all the eBooks, courses and tutorials. This is a steal for $50, and suits both rookies and old-timers looking for a skills refresh. Pretty good huh?

Let’s waddle round the corner to another coding buffet, this time with 95% taken off its previous price for a lifetime subscription. It’s definitely happy hour at eduCBA, who are offering lifetime access to over 500 courses for $49. Previously it was $3000. So the question is, how hungry are you feeling? You can tuck into HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Follow that with C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python and PERL. If you’re still a bit peckish, load up on Data and Analytics courses, have a dabble in Design and Animation with Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Unity 5, Maya, and more. Develop a mobile app or three, find out how e-Commerce stores work, and if you still haven’t got the coding meat sweats then there are loads of other courses to satisfy any appetite.

Certifications of completion to grace your CV are included for all courses. They cover all levels and are restricted to the IT/Tech section of eduCBA. Which is what you want, if you’re looking for a coding blowout with no expiry date.

So, if you are going to take advantage of one of these offers or a similar one – others are out there, get googling – bon appetit.