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Baking Technology Management

Use your loaf: study Baking Technology Management

London’s South Bank University is offering a foundation degree in Baking Technology Management. Brioche, bagels and brownies don’t find their way onto supermarket shelves by themselves, and somebody has got to know how to keep malt bread squishy and crackers cracky. Hence the need for this foundation degree, training students in specialist managerial skills linked to commercial and technological aspects of the baking profession.


The National Bakery School at LSBU is the oldest bakery school in the UK and was founded in 1894. It’s a prestigious course in the industry, and successful graduates should make plenty of dough. The course is endorsed by the Worshipful Company of Bakers, the City of London’s second-oldest recorded guild, founded in 1155. To stop things going stale, they help to fund training and scholarships.


Students on the course follow a trail of breadcrumbs that leads them to the confidence and knowledge to diagnose operational problems and recommend possible industrial solutions. It offers networking opportunities in the form of industry events, guest lectures and talks from professionals. The Bakery School has state-of-the-art facilities including product development labs, sensory evaluation suites, and composition and analytical suites. The latest industry knowledge is baked in to this course (no bun intended).


Modules range from Bakery Food Science through to Creative Confectionery and Artisan Chocolate. Alongside these technical skills, budding Willy Wonkas learn commercial aspects such as Product Design, Development, Packaging, Labelling and Plant Layout. For a career in Baking Technology Management, it’s everything you knead.


For those looking for more of a lifestyle course in baking that could get you in business as a cake designer, or maybe on TV shows like the Great British Bakeoff, one great option is IOA's much quicker online course in Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design