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Space Systems Engineering: Become Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory

Space Systems Engineering: Become Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory

TSTI (Teaching Science and Technology) are a training, coaching and consulting company specialising in Space and other domains. They are the go-to people for training in Space Systems Engineering. Their short courses provide the processes, tools, and information necessary to jump-start new hires to the space business or improve the performance of mid-to senior-level engineers, systems engineers, and technical program managers.


TSTI’s credibility is rock-solid: they are consultants to NASA and wrote the textbooks on Astronautics and Space Mission Analysis and Design. Several of them are space veterans, like Dr. Jim Reilly who has spent 856 hours in space including three flights aboard the Space Shuttle. With advanced degrees coming out of their ears, this team know all about putting objects and people in space and getting them back safely, if applicable.


According to their blog, two of the most desperately-needed kinds of engineer at the moment are Structural Engineers, who create mass-efficient structures that provide high standards of safety for all involved in a mission, and Propulsion Engineers responsible for designing, building, testing, and maintaining the jet engines, rocket motors, compressors, combustion, turbines, nozzles and diffusers that make space travel possible. Those who have always wanted to say ‘Rocket Science!’ with a straight face when asked what they do for a living should apply.


Online courses include Understanding Space, Designing Space Missions and Systems, Mission Analysis and Design, Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering, Space Mission Operations and Essential Systems Engineering.