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Sell courses online: course Merchant

Sell courses online: Course Merchant

Selling online courses is a booming business. Training companies, museums, universities and subject matter experts are profiting from the e-learning delivery channel as users go mobile and expect to be able to study anywhere, any time. But the gap between the LMS (Learning Management System) and the e-commerce side for taking payments is fraught with difficulty. Basic e-commerce plugins for LMS’s are inflexible and rarely cover a merchant’s needs in the real world, so most end up looking for an e-commerce solution that has a more practical range of features.


Course Merchant is a full-featured e-commerce platform built specifically for selling courses online. Its customers include Universities, Museums, Government Agencies, Training Companies and e-learning Entrepreneurs in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and across Europe. In a nutshell, it bridges the gap between e-learning and e-commerce.


Course Merchant links an eCommerce site directly to the LMS, so you don't need a WordPress site and extras plugins to get them talking to each other. CM handles the connection between the store - which can be on any existing website - and the LMS, giving seamless payments, enrollments, sales reports, and (with Moodle) student attendance and gradebook data. An optional CRM reporting module can process Moodle data into a fully-searchable database from which any number of management reports can be generated.


The Course Merchant store is design-matched to an existing website by professional web designers. Users are unaware that they have been redirected to Course Merchant, because it sits on the site under a URL like This means users have an intuitive shopping experience that all takes place on the same website. This reduces the shopping cart abandonment that can happen when users suddenly find themselves in a separate and different-looking ecommerce environment.


As for the payment options available, shows the payment gateways Course Merchant works with. New payment gateway integrations are being built all the time as the payment gateway landscape changes. Course Merchant works with any hosted payment gateway; no credit card details are handled by Course Merchant itself. Full Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is assured by handing off the payment processing to the gateways themselves.

Customers include universities, training organisations, eLearning entrepreneurs, CPD providers and others looking for a full-featured and seamless way of selling courses online.

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