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The right angle on Common Core Geometry

The right angle on Common Core Geometry

Sometimes at school students miss something important due to absence, inattention, teacher sickness or sporting commitments. Alternatively they might struggle with the subject in general and need extra support to get them through the year with good grades. Conversely, some students may be particularly fascinated by a subject and wish to deepen their knowledge. In the case of geometry, which forms the foundation for many disciplines and, ultimately, careers, taking extra online classes from an expert can help students to really nail down this fundamental subject.

Geometry involves both inductive and deductive reasoning as well as using logic to prove theorems, and mastering it takes practice. A self-paced online course allows students to repeat sections as many times as they need in order to really get to grips with the subject. Working through abstract problems and relating them to real-world problems is the essence of geometry, and a firm grasp of the fundamentals of geometry is vital in STEM – based further study and careers. It’s also handy when you are building a garden shed!

One of the great things about self-paced online learning is the access you get to real experts. Online programs are usually taught by people with deep specialist knowledge and expertise in their field. And rather than waiting for a subject to come round in the school year, students can jump straight in whenever it suits them, and then have access to that learning for ever. A single course purchase provides lifelong access to a resource, which is great for revision purposes before end-of-year exams.

Thomas E. Reilly is a dedicated geometer (an expert in geometry) and instructional designer who has put his expertise into an online course available on High School Common Core Geometry is suitable for students who have already mastered the order of the application of operations and are proficient in solving linear and quadratic equations, factoring quadratic polynomials and plotting graphs in the Cartesian plane.

Mr Reilly’s course consists of 71 video lessons, each with its own practice worksheet and knowledge check quiz. A fuller exam takes place when each of the 12 sections has been studied. So if geometry is (or isn’t!) your thing, Mr Reilly is your man.