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Microsoft rolls out new Office training videos

Microsoft rolls out new Office training videos

It’s all very well talking about advanced pivot tables in Excel, but what about people who need to grasp the basics of using Microsoft Office? Like how to create a Table of Contents, copy some formatting or filter a column? It’s often the type of thing you are struggling with at the office when a colleague leans over, grabs your mouse and does it in two seconds. That’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?

To further spread familiarity with its products and reduce the ‘trial and error’ method of learning Office, Microsoft have launched a fresh suite of Office Basics video lessons at the Office Training Center.

“Like any subject—math, chemistry or video games—even when you understand more advanced concepts, you can stumble over the basics,” the Office team announced. “We looked at what customers struggled with, both novice and expert alike, and Office Basics was born. Whether you work with Excel, Word, PowerPoint or another Office app, you can learn a lot in these short videos, like how to sign in to Office, rename files, add comments or insert hyperlinks.”

Intro to Office Basics introduces Office neophytes to Tell Me, the feature that lives in a search box on the ribbon of Office 2016 apps. Bang in what you want to do and it will show you how it’s done. Which makes one wonder why it isn’t called Show Me rather than Tell me. It’s a kind of office butler that brings anything you ask for, so you don’t need to know where to find things in menus. A great shortcut for beginners.

The same lesson covers using templates, SmartArt and Charts, how to collaborate in shared documents (Google Docs does this better, but strangely Microsoft don’t mention that), and work on the same docs across devices.

What is Office 365? Is an introduction to the latest incarnation of the Office suite and explains which devices you can install it on with which type of licence, how much cloud storage you get, and how automatic updates work.

Word Training delves into mailing lists, sections and doc sharing, design, tracking changes and word count. The bare minimum to get you going in a typical office.

PowerPoint Training gets you started with presentations, text and images, design, audio and video before covering animations, tables and sharing.

Excel Training introduces essentials like Workbooks, cells and formulas, tables, charts and analysis, basic pivot tables and what’s different when you’re using a Mac.

Outlook Training is all about using text and images in emails, and how to use calendars, meetings and to-do lists on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

That just about covers it to get people literate in Office, and it’s free.