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Franchises: How to keep your shirt and make money

Franchises: How to keep your shirt and make money

Despite lavish-sounding marketing gush from franchises who want to attract new franchisees, there is no guarantee that you will turn a profit at all, let alone run your business from a laptop in the Bahamas as you soak up the sun. Some franchises are genuinely great propositions (if you run them well), and others look good on paper but are minefields in reality. An aspiring franchisee’s mind should be buzzing with questions.

How can you tell if the whole thing is going to fizzle out in a couple of years? If the brand gets bad press, or is poorly run from the top, you might find the value of your investment plummeting as customers shop elsewhere.

What if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, meaning you spend less and less time with your family or doing the things you really live for?

What if the whole proposition is actually a dud and there’s no money to be made?

If you are looking at franchises and you mind isn’t buzzing with questions like these, then maybe you are better off working at the day job and saving for a nice retirement instead.

A course is on offer that helps prospective franchisees to take a rational view and avoid making decisions based on emotion. It comes from Joel Libava, somebody with over 20 years of real-life franchise experience. Endorsed by the former VP/Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, Joel’s course takes an honest approach to navigating the choppy waters of the franchise world, giving you the best chance to choose the right franchise, run it sensibly, and come out smiling.

This online course on how to buy a profitable franchise features my best work,” says Joel.

“I teach you everything you need to know-including my best research techniques, so you can make an intelligent, fact-based decision on buying the franchise of your dreams.

Included: Text, videos, and audio recordings-along with a franchise compatibility quiz that I’ll personally score for you.

If you’re interested in becoming the owner of a franchise business, and you want to do it right, you need to invest in my GUARANTEED course.”

The course doesn’t just look at you, the franchisee, but also those around you, as your decision will affect them too. It also includes a ‘hauntingly accurate franchise compatibility quiz’ that really asks tough questions about the reality of owning a franchise, whether it’s for you, and how you will make it work.