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FileMaker in a nutshell: Relational Database training

FileMaker in a nutshell: Relational Database training

FileMaker is a relational database application that runs on Mac and Windows. It’s owned by Apple, Inc. via its subsidiary FileMaker Inc, formerly Claris. It began life in the early 1980s as an MS-DOS program called Nutshell and has been through many iterations.

What is it, though? It’s a set of tools for interacting with and manipulating a database. Applications are developed within FileMaker to perform a multitude of business-related tasks, examples of which include, but are nowhere near limited to, Product Management, Document Storage & Retrieval, Mass Emailing, Inventory Management, Customer Tracking and Report Generation. FileMaker can generate dynamic PHP web pages, works on smartphones and tablets via an app called FileMaker Go, and is extremely customizable and scalable from one user up to workgroups comprising thousands. This makes it one of the Swiss Army Knives of the software world, as it can be turned to such a wide variety of tasks.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use FileMaker, because it is designed to be intuitive and usable by people with no programming knowledge. Its GUI is based on drag-and-drop simplicity which has given it a reputation for user-friendliness. But there is inevitably a learning curve with such a powerful piece of software, and therefore there is a market for FileMaker training.

John Mark Osborne has a history of working with FileMaker that goes right back to the days when it was produced by Claris – that’s the mid-nineties. He is author of the popular FileMaker Pro website A FileMaker Certified Developer and former Technical Lead at FileMaker, Inc., he is now offering a low-cost set of courses on eLearning platform Thinkific. His Philosophy of FileMaker series takes learners through best practices for developing professional database solutions with FileMaker Pro. Like many good course providers the series offers a free module to try out before making a purchase.

Philosophy of FileMaker covers essential topics such as building for user experience, building for different devices, and building for performance before diving into solution logic (functions in the calculation engine and scripting), building reports, security controls and encryption, deployment including the new WebDirect technology, and integration with SQL systems and web services. There is a tips & tricks module for intermediate and advanced users, and a discounted course bundle that includes FileMaker Pro Scripting, Calculations & Relational Design.

Osborne also offers bespoke private training, but this series covers the essentials of FileMaker Pro at a fraction of the cost. It serves as the de facto standard in online self-paced FileMaker Pro training for individuals and teams who need to build database solutions.