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Executive education for digital disruption

Executive education for digital disruption

The Institute for Digital Business Strategy is a new online school with the aim of helping executives in Africa and other continents to manage the process of realigning their strategies in the face of digital disruption.

To better understand what they do, let’s define ‘digital disruption’. It is a digital evolution that occurs in the normal progress of technology which threatens to delay, obstruct or destroy your personal or business goals. One example might be the effect of Netflix on Blockbuster. Once almost monopolising the video rentals market, Blockbuster disappeared very quickly due to new digital rival Netflix, who drove them out of business with quicker, more affordable and more varied products. Another example might be Uber, who revolutionised the global taxi business with an app. The question the IDBS seeks to answer is, how best can I protect my business against such changes?

In the modern digital economy, it can make the difference between being left in the dust and not being seen for dust.

A research-based consultancy and online school, the IDBS offers strategic advice and consulting on how to adapt and survive in the rapidly-changing digital landscape. They offer an integrated portfolio of services: executive education, innovation lab courses, consulting and research, to enable the development and execution of a Digital Business Strategy designed to prepare businesses for digital change.

Their brochure states, “As the risks of traditional markets abate, the emergence of the digital economy has created a modern battleground where the digital skilled and savvy have utilized digital entrepreneurship to succeed in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs of all levels need to understand the concepts of innovation, strategic opportunity, disruption, sustainability and data analytics. Another key aspect to learn is how to enhance your enterprise digital performance.”

IDBS faculty instructor Dr Paul Pavlou, at a recent presentation on emerging technologies and skills in Rotterdam, said "New professions are being created, such as app developer, social media engineer, digital advertiser, cyber-security analyst, artificial intelligence designer, and even drone operator. Organizations must prepare for the changing workforce and learn how to recruit and train employees who can work with increasingly sophisticated technologies.'

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