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Digital Leadership: nurture your roar talent

Digital Leadership: nurture your roar talent

Running a business used to be an analog affair based on straightforward principles. Retail? Buy low, sell high. Services? Give a little, charge a lot. Rinse and repeat. But then a flood of zeroes and ones invaded business, disrupted everything and changed the way we work, making us dependent on it in order to perpetuate itself. Whether we become slaves to the beast or tame it to serve our own ends depends on us.

In the old days you set up a business process, hit the start button and watched it purr along making money. Now it will be evolving at a pace that requires constant supervision, change, innovation and foresight. The life cycle of business processes has accelerated to the point of immediate obsolescence and the search for a replacement. Systems interbreed and produce new species. Somebody has got to be in charge of this digital husbandry so as not to breed monsters.

Can you run a business these days without a CRM, social media channels, data analytics, websites, HR software and a host of other digital helpers? A successful enterprise will have somebody who marshals all these digital minions (leaving out the purple ones) and makes them sing from the same hymn sheet.

Job titles are evolving at the same rate as the digital environment. A business leader is likely to see a sudden need for a type of employee they have never hired before and could not have imagined hiring a year previously. Digital innovation is driving HR innovation – another evolutionary process to manage.

Digital leadership is required not only at boardroom level but within departments and individual job roles. People at all levels are driving organizational change and transformation, whether they like it or not. A degree of digital creativity and willingness to experiment is required throughout an organization. Process Leads, Project Managers, Team Leads, and CIOs can all benefit from the skillset on offer at courses like Boston University’s MicroMaster’s program in Digital Leadership. Here’s what you’ll learn on that course:

  • Develop an experimental capability to drive business outcomes
  • Harness data to improve business decisions
  • Lead people and teams in dynamic environments
  • Transform your business model to succeed within digital disruptions
  • Develop platform based strategies for growth and innovation.

Technology never sleeps, and neither should organizations. Digital Leadership is one of the most crucial skillsets in business today.