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Is this course your ticket into the music business?

Is this course your ticket into the music business?

Back in the old days of rock’n’roll you got into the music business by getting as stoned as possible and following a band around until they finally accepted your presence and gave you something to do. Now things are different. It’s an industry run by (mostly) clear-headed businesspeople and has a set of well-defined job descriptions. There are even pensions, for Led Zeppelin’s sake.

But getting a job in this industry isn’t easy. You need a skillset that enables you to hit the ground running as a new hire. Just picking it up as you go along, twiddling knobs on the mixing desk and asking ‘Does this go up to eleven?’ won’t cut it unless your uncle owns the recording studio, in which case you probably don’t need to continue reading this article.

For everybody else, here’s some info about Groove U, an educational institution whose sole purpose is to make you suitable for a job in the music industry.

“Our unique position is that we put careers in the industry front and center. We’re training you for a career first,” says founder Dwight Heckelman in a Forbes interview. Heckelman worked in music industry publishing for a decade then chaired and designed the music industry program at the Berklee College of Music. Deciding to go into academia, he enrolled in business with a music tech minor at Belmont University, where “It took about a year and a half for that to suck all the love of music out of him” (Brandeis International Business School podcast).

Shortly after graduating he was horrified to be at a conference where they were talking about MP3 files, compression and file sharing – and he knew nothing about it. This was his lightbulb moment. Feeling badly let down by his own education, he set up Groove U to teach other people the real nuts and bolts of the music industry.

The campus, in Dublin, OH, is built around a state-of-the-art recording studio and faculty consists of video, audio and business experts drawn from across the industry. The main program is a two-year Diploma in Music Industry Entrepreneurship consisting of courses in Audio Production, Music Business, Live Sound, Video, Interactive and Independent.

Groove U accepts students straight out of high school as well as graduates.