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ANSI Food Handler Certificate now just $4.99!

ANSI Food Handler Certificate Training now just $4.99!

If you think food safety training is just more government nannying, visit and read the horror stories of E.coli deaths, hepatitis and salmonella outbreaks, listeria and norovirus plagues and the food service establishments that are shut down or heavily fined for causing them. There are new ones every day. Seriously, go and check it out. We’ll wait.

If you work in the food service industry you could kill someone by mishandling food. That is the bare fact of it, so it isn’t just that food handler certificates are the law, it’s the fact that gross negligence manslaughter exists and food service establishments and individuals can be convicted of it for poor food handling that leads to death. Not to mention, of course, that the victim wanted to live and just came by for something to eat.

Yes, those are the extreme cases. But they do happen almost daily. And you can give someone a pretty rough couple of days without actually killing them, which you probably don’t want to do either. When you eat out, you trust (or hope) that the establishment follows good food hygiene and that the plate of food in front of you is fresh, clean and healthful. So when you are the establishment or employee, well, do unto others as you would wish done to yourself.

Scared enough? You needn’t be. With the ANSI-certified food handler course from, food service employers and employees can skill up and equip themselves with the paperwork to show that they have kept up to date with food handling practice and law. The course takes as little as 2 hours and really isn’t rocket science, but is required by law and delivered online for ease of access. It’s also the cheapest around at just $4.99!

Delivered by top U.S. food safety training firm Responsible Training, the course is fully approved and leads to the quick and easy acquisition of a food handler certificate. Bulk purchases are available for food service establishment owners and managers. Courses are available for most U.S. states and are in English, Spanish or Chinese. Pick your state from the interactive map HERE, select your language and start training today!