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Agribusiness: building a fertile career

Agribusiness: building a fertile career

In the current business environment, changing customer purchasing behaviours and technological innovations are changing the business landscape for food producers and the food supply chain. New value creation and delivery models are redefining growth and profitability across the globe. In order to stay competitive in this changing environment, all operators need to stay up to date with their knowledge.

Three leading minds in the global food industry are at the helm of a one-stop online university covering all topics of concern. Dr David Hughes, Dr Vijayender Nalla and Dr Atanu Chaudhuri are leading figures at Agribusiness Academy, which offers a range of online courses, seminars and webinars as well as case projects, eBooks and podcasts.

One of its flagship courses is the Industry Readiness Program. It is designed to offer a head start to those looking for their first job in food and agribusiness, or to progress early careers. The academy is so confident in this course that they offer a full refund to students who do not find a job within 60 days of completing the course successfully.

The Agribusiness Academy’s learning offer is characterised by a number of substantial courses supported by short ‘Knowledge Booster’ modules, on-demand seminars and webinars. Learners might take, for example, a ‘major’ in Food Processing or Business Models for Food Chains, and supplement this with an ‘minor’ executive seminar in How to do Demand Forecasting or a Knowledge Booster in Understanding Agricultural Finance. In this way people can build their own learning pathways according to their particular needs.

A ‘major’ in Hortipreneurship might be well served by a ‘minor’ in How to make Producer Organisations More Competitive, or new skills can be learned in a pick-and-mix fashion by taking one or more ‘minors’, such as short seminars in Allergens Management in Food Operations, How to Achieve Excellence in Sourcing, Risk Management, Sustainable Supply Chains, Technology Innovations in Post Harvest, and specialised subjects such as Guava, Tomato and Chilli Production.

The 60+ specialist courses are designed and delivered by experts from the USA, UK, Netherlands, Africa and India. The Academy aims to be the one-stop shop for agribusiness education, enabling professionals to make a difference in their business and to the world.