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4 Creative Breakthroughs

4 Creative Breakthroughs

Those involved in the creative process know how hard it can be sometimes to open the floodgates of their creativity when required. If they wait for inspiration, they might find themselves waiting a long time. The old adage about creativity (or was it success?) being 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration definitely applies here.


There’s a course for that. 4 Creative Breakthroughs on Udemy is a course by Doron Meir, a Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Designer, Writer, Teacher and Entrepreneur. Wearing that many hats must create its fair share of creative frustration, and Meir has made a study of it. As he wrote the storyboard for Shaun the Sheep, animated Asterix and the Vikings, and worked on bestselling video game Hitman, he was analysing his own creative processes and the things that helped them to tick along smoothly.


His findings have culminated in a working method that he says will ‘(a) work for every creative field out there, (b) push quality while eliminating creative frustrations, and (c) support professional "on demand" creativity as well as personal work.’


The course teaches you how to never get stuck for ideas, get better results faster and avoid creative frustration. It teaches how to overcome 4 major creativity issues that can roadblock even the most talented writers, fashion designers, web and graphic designers, animators, architects, game & app developers, and anyone who needs to get more control over their creativity.


They are:

  • Coming up with ideas
  • Efficiently converting time invested to quality achieved
  • Combining logical structure with intuitive flow
  • Getting rid of perfectionism and self-criticism.


Sounds like it could help you? Check out the course here.