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Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake

It’s a cruel fact that the world’s call centres and fast food restaurants are full of workers who have an arts degree but don’t know how to capitalise on it. World famous Central Saint Martins arts and design college aims to change this.

Digitizing the sales funnel: online advertising

Online advertising is a zillion-dollar industry. From AdWords to clickbait, it permeates our online lives as it tries to conjure everyone’s credit cards out of their wallets. As it matures it is creating new career opportunities as brands seek to maximise their online impact.

4 Creative Breakthroughs

Those involved in the creative process know how hard it can sometimes be to open the floodgates of their creativity when required. If they wait for inspiration, they might find themselves waiting a long time. The old adage about creativity (or was it success?) being 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration definitely applies here.

Learn to create electronic soundscapes

Synthesizers have come a long way since the Moog and the Fairlight in the 1960s and 1970s. Synth sounds are so commonplace now that to create new sounds, you need to know a few things about how they work, and learn a bunch of software, to see how you can push the envelope.

Survey: British people want to express themselves

Anyone who has been to the UK, or failing that, watched the movie Notting Hill will know that British people have difficulty expressing their feelings. Here is some evidence that despite their famous shyness, they’d actually quite like to let it all hang out. If that’s all right with you, of course. Sorry. Excuse me.

Painting with words: the art of storytelling

Storytelling – in particular oral storytelling to a live audience – is the most powerful may we have of communicating ideas or feelings to other humans. Not only for getting our children to sleep, but also for business, the Arts, politics, and for keeping the social world turning.