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Welcome to the All You Can Eat Coding Buffet

Still paying piecemeal for your coding classes? Locked into a long academic IT course? Get with it. A new style of pay-once-and-study-all-you-want training offer has hit the web, and here we’ll look at two examples that cost just $50 for a lifetime subscription. Welcome to the All You Can Eat Coding Buffet where you can come in any time you like and snack to your heart’s content, then come back again and again, all for a one-time payment of $50.

How to avoid event planning nightmares

Events make the modern world go round. Corporate awards ceremonies, annual parties, charity fundraising events, concerts, school fetes, weddings, political rallies, sports events, product launches, exhibitions and conferences all need someone to organise them. Bars don’t just pop up out of nowhere, performers don’t turn up randomly and play for free, food doesn’t materialise out of thin air. At large events, professional management companies organise every facet and ensure it all goes smoothly.

Celebrities teach their craft in eLearning courses

Think you could design a building like this one? Maybe you can, after some lessons from the man who designed it (Frank Gehry). Want to play tennis like Serena Williams or cook like Gordon Ramsay? Be as funny as Steve Martin? Act as well as Kevin Spacey or Dustin Hoffman? If you want to try, how about hearing these stars’ tricks of the trade in their own words?

Juillard School launches online courses

In 1920, textile merchant Augustus D. Juilliard bequeathed a large amount of money for the advancement of music in the United States. The Juilliard Foundation led to the creation of the Juilliard School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, New York City. It is now the most prestigious music school in the world. Competition for admissions is fierce: in 2012, 2,657 undergraduate applications were received by the School and 191 were accepted. Tuition fees are $48,670 per school year.