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What do dogs think about?

What do dogs think about?

The Open College in the UK is offering a course in Dog Psychology. Upon completion you will have earned the right to have after your name the designatory letters Dip.Dog.Psy and will be awarded with a Diploma Certificate bearing the title.


Is the old “sit”, “beg” and “roll over” routine just not cutting it with your furry child? Maybe he’s chewing up the sofa and leaving little “gifts” where he shouldn’t? Is nocturnal barking a problem? Is daylight barking a problem, for that matter? Does your dog fail to get on with other dogs or chase the cat too much? Does he look depressed or have way too much energy? Want to know why?


With a Dip.Dog.Psy under your belt your dog will feel understood, behave better, and hopefully love you more. As a distance learning course, there is no practical component supplied with the course. It’s Dog Not Included, so presumably it’s up to the students to engage with dogs to practise their skills.


The course is definitely not just for pet owners. The Open College has been providing this course for several years to the British Police Force’s Dog Handlers Unit. It offers “A profound study in canine behaviour” and is also targeted towards veterinarians, security, and professional dog handlers. The crux of the course is identifying and diagnosing behavioural problems, getting into the mind of the dog and picking apart which of its drives are causing the undesired behaviour.


Subjects covered include:

  • Canine play
  • Learning
  • Social behaviour
  • Sexual behaviour
  • Ingestive behaviour
  • Origins of behaviour
  • Communication behaviour
  • Eliminative behaviour
  • Eliminating behaviour problems
  • Vocal, postural, marking communication
  • Aggression
  • Locomotive behaviour
  • Canine grooming behaviour
  • Evaluating all behaviour problems

A shorter course in Animal Psychology is offered by IOA on