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Vital functions: become an Excel Jedi

Vital functions: become an Excel Jedi

The macros function within Excel is such a powerful feature that only the initiated can handle it. You are ready to enter the realm of Excel macros when you are a confident and experienced use of Excel and comfortable creating formulas and manipulating spreadsheet data. A little experience in Visual Basic won’t go amiss, either. You will have mastered most of the functions that come as standard with Excel and be ready to create your own.

A martial arts analogy would be a black belt going for their first Dan grading. Okay, so you punch and kick well. But the ways of the macro are long and dark. The macro is strong in you. But practice much you must.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. In the case of Excel macros, a reliable teacher might be, for example, a weapons manufacturer and aerospace/defense contractor in whose work one slip of the keyboard could lead to undesirable consequences. If you are designing weapons and aircraft, you’d better know your Excel macro programming inside out.

Thales Learning & Development, just such an organisation, offers an Excel Macros Specialist Training Course for the brave and determined. It covers Accessing the Developer Tab, Navigating the Visual Basic Environment, Naming Conventions and Storage Locations, Recording Macros, Absolute and Relative Cell Addressing, Macro Security, the Code and Properties Windows, Code Structure and Syntax, Debugging, and Creating Function Macros.

It is a one-day course in Crawley, Sussex, England and can be booked online. Related courses from Thales Learning & Development include Advanced Formulae and Functions, Excel Pivot Table Specialist and Excel OFFSET Function and Dynamic Charting.


So if you aim to wield Excel as a Jedi would a lightsaber – with strength, finesse, grace and wisdom – there is a place to go to complete your training. Perhaps one day the Master will look at you, narrow his eyes and say, ‘You are ready.’