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U.S. business law in a nutshell

U.S. business law in a nutshell

Companies in the United States need to know business law in order to sustain and grow their operations without falling foul of the system. With areas from bankruptcy to information privacy, business law finds its way into almost everything firms and their employees do. It defines the responsibilities of directors and company officers, the rules of partnerships and limited liability companies, securities regulation, intellectual property, corporate finance and a great deal else.

Awareness of business law is not restricted to large companies with their own legal departments. Any size of business operating in the United States needs a firm grasp of the laws that govern its business environment in order to operate profitably and legally.

Law degrees are costly, and cover too much for the needs of businesspeople. If a specific focus on business law is required, a dedicated course in the subject makes sense. Naturally there is a wide range of such courses, but for those seeking a good grounding in business law, online options can be attractive because of the time and travel they save. For those who are not familiar with the law or who need a refresher, one of the better courses is provided by Heather DeVincent-Cook, an attorney and college lecturer who has brought her 15 years of expertise out from the academic environment and offered it to anybody with an internet connection.

On offer is a package of Business Law bundled with a free extra course on Intellectual Property. The latter covers copyright, trademarks and patents, plus a few trade secrets. The main Business Law course is a deep dive into the U.S. court system, alternative dispute resolution, constitutional law, criminal law, torts and negligence, contracts, the Statute of Frauds, business organizations and some introductory material on intellectual property.

‘My teaching philosophy includes a hands-on approach, so feel free to message me through the classroom with questions you have about the topics,’ says Ms DeVincent-Cook. ‘The course is suitable for business owners and business students. Each section includes a lecture with a major topic review and knowledge check. Video and written material are also available. Additionally, each course comes with a free textbook.’