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Top skills employers desire most in 2019

Top skills employers desire most in 2019

LinkedIn Learning have published a list of the skills companies need most in 2019 and how to learn them. We’ll get to the list and provide course suggestions, but first it’s worth knowing that LinkedIn Learning is in fact the old, which LinkedIn acquired back in 2015 and re-skinned as LinkedIn Learning. was a ready-made and very successful learning site stuffed to the rafters with good courses. It made a lot of sense for LinkedIn to have a training offer on their site so that they could generate revenue from job-seekers looking to upskill.

Linkedin Learning’s list of top skills naturally enough points exclusively to courses on its own site. Here we’ll widen the net and see what else is out there. There’s nothing wrong with LinkedIn Learning’s courses at all, but other sources are available, so let’s look at some of these desirable skills for 2019 and where you can acquire them.

Hard Skills

Cloud Computing: At Simplilearn they have all kinds of cloud certification training on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

Artificial Intelligence: If it’s neural networks and deep learning you’re after, try Coursera’s offerings.

Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making: If you can’t make up your mind, then why not decide to check out Decision Making For Front-Line Managers at

UX Design: In a couple of (hopefully) simple and intuitive clicks you can be studying UX design at

Mobile App Development: Everyone needs an app these days, so learn how to build them with one of these courses and you won’t be out of work.

Soft Skills

People Management: Here’s a whole list of courses about what makes people tick and how to understand and manage them.

Creativity: Check out 4 Creative Breakthroughs, especially if you’re artistic. For a more business-oriented approach, try Mastering Creativity by

Persuasion: Persuade yourself to take a look at Persuasive Communication on FutureLearn.

Collaboration: Head over to Collaborative Working Techniques at Virtual College.

Time Management: Plenty of choices here. If you’re pushed for time, have a look at this course from aptly-named High Speed Training.