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Stamping out fake degrees: the Disciplina blockchain

Stamping out fake degrees: the Disciplina blockchain

In August last year published an article about how blockchain technology might be used to prevent the falsification of academic records. Development of such a blockchain was being developed by Sony and IBM in collaboration at the time. A shocking statistic quoted in the article was that 21% of U.S. job applicants’ resumes stated fraudulent degrees. Hence the need for an unfalsifiable way of recording academic achievements that is safe, open and accessible by recruiters.

Here in 2018 it seems the first to market is not giants Sony and IBM but a company called TeachMePlease with an open-source blockchain called Disciplina. Disciplina is open source. Any educational or recruiting service will be able to use it for their own projects.

Disciplina is being developed by international online teaching portal TeachMePlease in association with Serokell, a blockchain developer. In order for the data to be both secure and transparent at the same time, the team decided to develop their own blockchain architecture, since existing solutions did not cater for this need.

Here’s the blurb from Disciplina:

“DISCIPLINA is a private-public blockchain. This is done to store private and personal user data, as well as those materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality. The private element will allow only the hashes of the records into open access, while the private element will provide the access to the data that verifies the integrity of the private chains and the reliability of the data stored by the network.

This blockchain will allow users to digitally store the data on personal achievements and provide access to that data through a unified platform, guaranteeing its permanence and credibility. DISCIPLINA will allow its users to give grades and generate a personal student score.

The development of such a blockchain will allow recruiters to search for candidates according to their achievements and fields of expertise, and students - to establish a clear career path.”

And here’s a video in which Disciplina co-founder Ilya Nikiforov explains the purpose of his product.

The Alpha version will be ready this August.