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Should marketing be a chore or can it be a pleasure?

Should marketing be a chore or can it be a pleasure?

One of the greatest challenges to any business of any size is marketing. With thousands of businesses touting their wares on the internet, in the press and on every advertising surface available, how do you make your voice heard so that you can get your product or service to eager customers?

Inadequate marketing is probably the number one cause of business failure, especially in the startup phase. And it’s not just due to a lack of investment in marketing – indeed sometimes quite the opposite. Throwing money at the problem without coherent long-term planning is a sure way to drive a startup into the ground, as is a failure to use the many free-of-cost options for promoting a business.

Marketing should never be an afterthought, but an integral part of the business plan – indeed the central part of the business plan if you’re serious about attracting customers and growing the company. Yet too often it is done piecemeal – a few paid ads here, a blog post there, a bunch of tweets when the mood seems right – and it all gets lost in the endless churn of the modern media landscape.

So what does work? A well-thought-out marketing plan that covers all available options for reaching people, doesn’t cost the Earth and is carried out systematically and consistently over extended periods of at least twelve months. That’s what brings home the bacon.

Those requiring guidance in this can consult the web and/or books on the subject – and may soon be overwhelmed by all the advice out there. There are so many different methods and approaches, and some of them contradict each other. For some, the best approach is to follow a proven system that has worked for others and that contains specific instructions on what to do and when to do it – taking away the stress and worry of whether they are doing the right thing.

A reputable plan such as BT Business Growth Tools can ‘automate’ the marketing process by setting a path before the business owner/marketer that they just have to follow to get both short-term and long-term results. Not only does this cut through the mass of marketing advice out there, but it also keeps a business on target with its marketing with a pre-planned structure.

The BT plan covers tactics such as the downsell, drip campaigns, joint ventures, how to set and adjust pricing, how to reactivate former customers and how to cut costs. You’ll also learn how to lure prospects away from competitors with compelling incentives, how to get excellent testimonials, increase conversion rates, create marketing materials that work and harness a host of tricks like the Law of Reciprocity (the one that means that car wash loyalty cards with one or two holes pre-punched bring back more customers than loyalty cards with ten holes still to go. It’s also the reason waitresses give candy to customers – all is revealed in the course).

Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore that you keep putting off. It can be a pleasure – and a successful and lucrative one – with the right roadmap ahead of you.