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Pick-and-mix business skills: Executive Education

Pick-and-mix business skills: Executive Education

We wrote recently about an accelerated 1-year MBA course that packs a full MBA into 11 months. That’s perfect if you move in circles where an MBA is indispensable for getting ahead. But if those three letters after your name are not that essential to you and you need specific business skills without having to enroll in a full postgraduate degree, you can pick and mix the skills you need by taking shorter business courses with a specific focus. You can pick, say, a course in Finance or Marketing and choose a time to enroll that suits you, rather than having to start in September/October as many postgraduate programs do.

With these courses there will be a certificate to put on your wall, but more importantly you will have acquired the skills you need without the excess baggage of a full-blown degree. Furthermore, if you enroll at the time when you need the skills, they will be fresher in your mind when you come to apply them to the real world.

One of the most well-established institutions offering such courses is the London School of Business and Finance. Far from being confined to London, it has campuses in Birmingham, Manchester, Hannover, Chicago, Vancouver and Malaysia. Indeed, many of their course offers are tutor-supported e-learning only, freeing students from geographic limits entirely.

Self-paced programs from the LSBF are expected to take 12-15 weeks for Certificates and 3-9 months for Diplomas. They are flexible enough to allow study that fits around the learner’s life. There are general options such as the Diploma in Business Management, and a range of options for more specific requirements, such as the Advanced Certificate in Contemporary Issues in Oil, Gas and Energy, a Certificate in Project Management,  and the Arts Enterprise Diploma. Also on offer are an Advanced Certificate in Business Statistics and a Certificate in Global Business Management. The full Management and Business Development course list is available here.

The LSBF also offer full MBA courses for those who just have to have those letters after their name.