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Parenting hacks you need to know

Parenting hacks you need to know

Somehow the instruction manual for a new child always gets lost between the maternity ward and home, and they don’t do reprints.

So, you’ve got a baby. Now what?

Of course you will have planned endlessly, bought everything you think you’re going to need, prepared a room, obsessed about this and that. Yet you soon discover that your little bundle of joy has a mind of his or her own, and that’s when the reality hits. Parenting becomes a case of tactical and strategic manoeuvring that would stretch the most seasoned generals, and your sanity will be tested in ways you had never imagined.

When you finally wipe the baby food off your front and reach out for help, there’s plenty of advice out there on parenting. But one problem with a lot of the advice is that it’s prescriptive: it tells you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

If it worked for one parent and child, it will work for all of them, right?

Wrong. Your child and your relationship with your child are unique, so why should you try to be like everybody else? Children are not clones of each other, and neither are parents. Each parent – child relationship is unexplored territory, and a lot of it will be new to both of you, with plenty of surprises along the way.

An often overlooked aspect of parenting is parent self-care. You might be doing everything ‘right’, but if you are overstretched and frazzled your child will see this and maybe end up overstretched and frazzled themselves.

So often we as parents expect to be able to teach our children to be better than we are, without first accomplishing that ourselves. The best way to teach is by modeling. If we can manage to accomplish the goals that we want for our children, won’t that make it easier for them to follow suit?

Author Amanda Nicole teaches parents the benefits of doing this, and how she went about doing it in her own life in her new Online Parenting course “Who Me … Seriously?” The course explores the importance of self-discovery and how the empowerment received from that journey, can translate into changing your parenting style, as well as increasing the level of respect that your children have for you.

‘Self-improvement and self-care are huge parts of parenting,’ says Ms Nicole. ‘If we can take control of our lives and transform ourselves right in front of our children’s eyes; if we can show them that they can do it, by us doing it, then the sky is the limit for both us and them.’

You can visit to learn more and to access the course today. You can also follow her on Instagram at