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Oily rags to riches: Motorsport Engineering

Oily rags to riches: Motorsport Engineering

When you turn the key of your Bentley and the engine purrs to life, spare a thought for the minions who designed, manufactured and tested all those moving parts, perfected the aerodynamics, gave it brakes that make it stand on its nose and made the gear changes feel like silk. Minion school is a place called the University of Bolton in England, where they deliver a BSc (Hons) degree in Motorsport Technology. Here the cheeky, fun-loving little yellow guys learn about Engine Systems and Aerodynamics, Chassis and Electronic Principles, CAD/CAM, Composite Structures and Testing, Performance Modelling and CFD, Vehicle Dynamics and Advanced Electronics, and many other boffiny things. These minions are the ones who eventually wear glasses and have lots of pens in their shirt pockets. But first they need to get their hands oily.

They are on their way to careers in automotive and possibly weapons systems engineering. Combine the two and you have every schoolboy’s dream career. If your Bentley has rocket pods that come out of the fenders, that’s just a minion getting a little over-excited.

The Course has excellent industry contacts and links with employers, giving students the best chance of securing an engineering job. It is designed to meet the academic requirements leading to Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status, an important professional qualification. The focus is on applied skills throughout, with many assignments that include a substantial amount of hands-on testing that reflects working practices in the industry. Students also gain transferable skills such as project management, IT and formal presentations, along with research skills that could take them onwards to a Ph.D.

The University of Bolton has a partnership with RLR Motorsport, an independent racing team who race in the Le Mans 24hr race and other international events. Students get to work alongside an active racing team and get a thorough grounding in the workings of the motorsport industry. Graduates have gone on to work with Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover and Cosworth Engineering.

The University has over 20 years’ experience in running degree courses in automotive engineering subjects, leading to BSc (Hons) and Beng (Hons) awards.

Bananas are not included in the course fee.