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Now there’s a CRM that makes it easy to aggregate your LMS data

Now there’s a CRM that makes it easy to aggregate LMS data

If you work with an LMS and need to get reports to senior management, you might have discovered that getting data out of the LMS is like pulling teeth. It’s there, but organising it as you need to can be very challenging.

Let’s say your boss wants to see all learners enrolled on Course 1A, when they were last active on the course, how many of them scored less than 50% in a particular test, and what other courses they are currently enrolled in. To extract that data and organise it into a report, you would have to engage in a lengthy session of data mining and tabulation. But the boss needs it asap. If only there were a tool to help with this.

There is! It’s called CourseCRM and it integrates with Moodle, Totara and Brightspace™ by D2L to draw all LMS data into a fully-fledged CRM system via a clever integration. In the CRM, this data can be manipulated and reported on by a set of specially developed modules for course sales and learner management. Now your LMS data is free from the confines of the LMS and you can do almost literally anything you want with it – including getting that report generated for the manager within minutes rather than hours. CourseCRM’s reporting capabilities include graphs, pie charts, and other easily digestible visualisations that give him or her an at-a-glance understanding of the LMS data they want to see.

The CRM has all the features of most good CRMs – it’s built on SuiteCRM/SugarCRM, one of the most popular systems in the world. It enables learner communications via email that can be automated with workflows. So, for example, the manager whom you handed the report to might ask you to set up a workflow that finds all learners on course 1A who haven’t accessed the LMS for a week or more, and send them an email offering assistance or further study. This workflow can be set to run at regular user-defined intervals and can help to increase learner retention (reduce dropouts).

That’s just one example of how CourseCRM can help increase operational efficiency by giving you full control over your LMS data. Once your LMS data is in the CRM, there’s almost no limit to the flexibility of what you can do with it.  

Interested in finding out more about this labour-saving system that gives you control over your LMS data? Visit the CourseCRM pages on or send an enquiry here.