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New Chinese talent incubator prepares students for Professional Masters in Games Development

New Chinese talent incubator prepares students for Professional Masters in Games Development

Abertay University’s Professional Masters in Games Development is Europe’s leading Postgraduate Programme in Game Design, and among the top 10 worldwide – and that’s according to the Princeton Review. It produces graduates with high levels of professional experience who now occupy key positions at major studios like Rockstar, Crytek, Codemasters and Ubisoft.

Twenty years ago Abertay was the first University in the world to offer computer games degrees. Since then it has consolidated its position as one of the world’s leading centres of professional training for careers in games. The Mprof uses classic games like Minecraft and GTA as case studies, and students get internship opportunities as well as direct contact with professional developers.

The course is seeing an influx of Chinese students keen on carving out professional careers in game design, and this in turn has spawned a course run by a Chinese talent incubator to prepare Chinese students for life and study in Scotland.

The new Pixseed Institute of Digital Art in Beijing is a state-of-the-art learning space which trains students for five months in English and computer games development before they embark on their learning quests in Scotland. It is the result of an cooperation initiative between Abertay and the new Beijing school’s owner, Perfect World Education, which aims to enhance collaboration and cultural exchange between the two countries’ gaming sectors. Perfect World Education is the training branch of Chinese games juggernaut Perfect World.

Professor Nigel Seaton, Abertay Principal and Vice-Chancellor, attended the opening of the new school and said the five-month Master of Professional Practice in Games Development Orientation Programme (MPPOP) in Beijing would provide Chinese students with the ideal preparation for entering Abertay.

He added: “Pixseed is a fantastic resource and acts as a tangible marker of the growing collaboration between Abertay University and Perfect World, as well as reflecting the strength of collaboration between the UK and China in Higher Education.

“Abertay’s MProf programme was recently ranked in the global top ten for postgraduate computer games courses, indicating the outstanding quality of teaching and support that students joining us from Beijing can expect to receive.

“I am confident that the creative industries of both countries are well placed for further success as we continue to share our talent and expertise, and to grow together.”