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Multi-tenancy Moodle: rapid eLearning deployment during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis

Multi-tenancy Moodle: rapid eLearning deployment during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis

As face-to-face training has become impossible due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing an increased demand from course providers to move part or all of their in-person courses online. Often they have little time to lose for reasons of business continuity. As Learning Management System (LMS) experts, we are offering an affordable and rapidly-deployable technology package aimed at helping training companies and academic course providers to achieve this.

It consists of renting space in a shared LMS rather than having to install and maintain your own LMS. We host it for you and provide technical support. You treat it exactly as if it were your own private LMS – upload and edit courses, assign roles, track learner progress and extract course and learner data. It is your own walled garden within a shared LMS – and this drives down costs and implementation time considerably.

This is achieved by what is known as multi-tenancy. On top of the underlying LMS (Moodle) is a permissions layer that permits multiple companies to access the LMS as if it were their own. Each company’s courses and people are invisible to other companies. Within each company, roles can be assigned – User, Teacher, Department Manager, Company Manager and others. This allows you to build a company hierarchy in which each user has their own set of access permissions and data they can view.

Renting space in a multi-tenancy LMS is a quick, affordable and robust way of getting courses online. Just the thing many training providers need right now.

We are also offering a rapid content authoring service for those who have only slides, PDFs, Word docs, or other learning materials and need them converting to eLearning format.’s multi-tenancy platform: main features

  • Affordable Hosting & Support.
  • Upload your own courses.
  • Create branded versions of courses for your different clients, each with its own custom URL.
  • Define a company hierarchy – managers only see the users they are managing.
  • Courses can be shared across companies.
  • Flexible licensing allows certain companies access to certain courses. Administrators can define duration of course access, license expiry date, and maximum number of uses.
  • Hierarchy-based reporting: company managers can generate detailed reports on only the user data that they manage themselves.
  • The power of Moodle: Under the hood of this multi-tenancy solution is full-featured Moodle. Here’s a full list of Moodle’s rich feature set.

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