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LMS services for Moodle

Moodle: the LMS for everyone provide a suite of services around Moodle. Here we explain what we do and how it is of value to people and organisations who are entering the eLearning space.

What is Moodle?

Moodle (acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is a globally supported open-source learning management system used by schools, universities, workplaces, training organizations and other sectors. It was initially developed by Martin Dougiamas as part of his Ph.D. in education and computer science and has since become the world’s most popular open-source learning management system. Evolved and developed constantly by a global community of developers, Moodle’s baked-in robustness and scalability have led to its adoption by major institutions like the Open University (200,000 users) and the UK Civil Service Learning platform (half a million users).

But it also works for the ‘little people’: individuals and small organizations who want to get eLearning courses online. In fact it’s ideal because it’s free and open source. But as with most free things there’s a catch – and that’s where’s LMS Services come to the rescue.

It’s free, isn’t it?

Moodle needs to be installed on a server or servers along with its database. The code is free – great! – but its structure and complexity means a Moodle installation needs technical expertise and management. Unless you’re a software expert and have the time to devote to this, maintaining a Moodle installation means hiring the services of software engineers. are experts at all things Moodle. We’ve been supporting Moodle installations for over a decade and have built the leading eCommerce system for selling Moodle courses, Course Merchant.

We get constant enquiries from people on a fairly limited budget who want to get a Moodle up and running but don’t have the technical resources to do it. In response to this demand, we have built a package of reasonably-priced services that covers all these needs and extends beyond the software to offer assistance with building the course content as well. Professional Services

We can engage with you at any point along your eLearning journey. Our professional services are designed to help you at four stages:


1. You have fully developed learning content, but you just need a good LMS.


Use our LMS Portal. For a single monthly fee, we do all the technical work to provide you with a fully hosted LMS portal based on Moodle. All the functionality of Moodle at a low cost. We are able to achieve this by using a multi-tenancy (shared hosting) solution that provides a secure ‘walled garden’ within an instance of Moodle. Hosting your own Moodle can cost many thousands a year. We offer access to all the features of Moodle at a fraction of that cost.

Find out more about the LMS Portal >>


2. You have 'legacy' learning content that you want to convert into eLearning courses.


Use our Professional Services. This is a suite of services we’re often asked for, like rapid eLearning content conversion/repurposing, course building, competency framework consulting, LMS consulting, LMS training, Course Merchant training, SuiteCRM training and CRM hosting.

If desired, we help you to monetize learning content by selling it as online courses powered by our LMS services and eCommerce software. We’ll also train you and your employees or partners in how to use the LMS, the optional CRM, and the eCommerce software.

Find out more about our professional services >>


3. You have expertise in something, and you want to sell it as an online course.


Use our eLearning publishing service. Simply put, you provide the content, we do all the technical work to build, sell (and market!) the course on an ongoing basis, and we split the revenue 50/50. It’s a similar model to book publishing, but with far higher royalties for the author.

We’ll help you to build courses from ‘legacy’ materials such as PowerPoint slides, Word docs, PDFs, lecture notes, voice recordings – anything!

All you have to do is provide your subject matter expertise, then sit back as we use our expertise (learning technologies) to bring it to market and make money for the author (and some for ourselves too).

Sounds fair? Find out more about our Author Publishing service >>


4. You have a fully functioning eLearning product, and a website, and you want to market it.


Use the marketing program. For a single monthly fee, you get an instant premium listing on the course search engine, 10,000 display ad impressions on, and six professionally-written articles about your course(s) published on, plus the opportunity to submit an unlimited number of your own articles which we will publish on, subject to editorial approval. Your courses will also be available for purchase in the catalog, with a link back to your own ‘Buy Now’ button. All this for $100 a month!

Find out more about the marketing program >>

Or to discuss your needs in more detail, email