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zombie survival course

The million-dollar course about zombies

What could be worse than a scenario in which your own family turns into walking corpses who try to eat your brain? Well, nothing really – which is why the zombie apocalypse is so often used as a metaphor for any type of major global catastrophe, especially in the context of disaster preparedness. As the nec plus ultra of bad situations, its tongue-in-cheek use infers that if you can survive that, you can survive anything.

Gun shops in the United States use it to sell guns, publishing regular league tables of the best anti-zombie weapons. People throughout the U.S. wear a gray ribbon during Zombie Awareness Month (May). The Zombie Research Society works hard to keep the public informed on the latest zombie developments. It turns out that the unthinkable is, in fact, very thinkable indeed. Some folks spend much of their time thinking about it.

The flipside of all this silliness is the harcore prepper community. They aren’t kidding around. Even if they aren’t holed up at a ranch in Montana ready to confront the IRS and police to defend their liberty, they might be found in a basement in New York City or a farmhouse in Wisconsin, piled to the rafters with food and water, trenching tools, weapons and ammunition, and other prepper supplies.

Both communities, and many more people besides, are attracted to any information that could keep them ahead of the game when the, uh, when the unpleasant substance hits the ventilation device. That’s why a Udemy course called Learn The Secrets of ZOMBIE Apocalypse Preparedness has grossed a cool million dollars.

It isn’t available at the usual Udemy price point of $10 – it’s $199. Clearly information this valuable is, well, valuable. It costs about the same as a triple-A zombie survival game on the XBOX, once you’ve bought the Gold edition and all the extra downloadable content. And plenty of people do that. But this isn't a game ...

The syllabus consists of things like meeting your nutritional needs, building shelters, navigation without GPS or indeed any electricity, foraging, first aid, medicinal plants and the essential How To Kick Some Zombie Butt.

You can laugh all you like now, but when the apocalypse comes this course could be the difference between being a boss and being a zombie snack.