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Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Meditation for Entrepreneurs

The thing about meditation is we know it’s good for us, but we convince ourselves we don’t have time for it. Ironically, meditation can help to quieten down the very same stressful thinking that prevents us from doing it: time is in short supply, we have to keep the pedal to the metal all day in order to get anywhere, sitting still for ten minutes a day is a complete waste of time, etc.


Meditation has proven health and wellbeing benefits, but it sits at odds with our everyday, overdriven states of mind. If there are deadlines to meet, work to finish, products to launch, people to manage and targets to hit, then it can seem that the last thing we need to do is find a quiet place and turn our minds off. No doubt this is what prevents most of us from taking up meditation. Those who do take it up regularly have reported improved productivity, enhanced creativity, a better work/life balance, better focus, and faster and more effective problem solving. These are the kinds of changes that can directly affect a business’s bottom line.


Some also suspect that there is a lot of mumbo-jumbo attached to the practice of meditation. The good news is that it works just as well when stripped down to the simple core practices, with a minimum of Eastern mysticism and a maximum of relaxing, breathing and mind-clearing. Meditation for Entrepreneurs on Udemy has excellent reviews and is substantial enough (17 lectures and other resources) to really get into the practice. One unit is devoted to Forming the Habit, which is exactly where most of us fail.


Five-star reviews across the board make Meditation for Entrepreneurs a good place to start if you find that you just can’t chill and want to experience life and work at a higher level.


A general introduction to mindfulness is available on here.