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LMS multi-tenancy: a cost-effective way to set up an online school

LMS multi-tenancy: a cost-effective way to set up an online school

To sell courses online, you will need a Learning Management System (LMS) to put your courses in. If you are not familiar with the term, here’s a brief explanation of what an LMS is.

Running your own LMS installation is costly, even for ‘free’ LMS such as Moodle. Even if the code is open-source and free to download, there are ongoing hosting and maintenance fees to keep the LMS up and running. These can run into multiple thousands a year, which can be prohibitive for those starting out selling courses online.

A neat solution is to ‘rent’ an area within an LMS that you can call your own, without much of the expense and technical work of having to maintain the overall LMS. This approach is called multi-tenancy. In multi-tenancy, a single LMS installation can host multiple admin accounts, each with its own walled garden that is invisible to other users and offers a full range of LMS features.

Multi-tenancy allows access permissions to be managed to create a hierarchy, e.g. Company Manager, Admin, Teacher, Student. Each role has its own set of permissions and abilities. An LMS tenant can thus build a structure that mirrors their real-world company structure.

Designated users can create and manage users, assign courses and licences and run reports. A hierarchy can be defined in which managers only see the users they are managing. Each company can have its own branding, theme, logo and custom CSS. All users can access the company LMS area from any device, anywhere.

At, we offer a multi-tenancy portal in Moodle within which you can build your own online school. It costs significantly less than having your own entire Moodle. In some cases we operate on a revenue-share basis which sees us share some of the course sales revenue with you. This can reduce the setup costs even further. Talk to us to discuss these options.

We also create eLearning courses, so if you have learning materials that need converting into an eLearning course, we’ll do that part for you too!

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