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‘Just-in-time’ Business Courses from Filtered Learning

The well-known manufacturing principle of just-in-time aims to ensure that the right part arrives on the assembly line in the right place and the exact moment it is needed, thus reducing inventory overheads and making for a lean and efficient process. The same principle is being applied to learning for today’s busy professionals, by using algorithms to deliver just the learning content they need – and nothing else – at the time they need it. The idea is that courses can be made shorter, achieve higher learner engagement and produce better results than one-size-fits-all courses containing some materials an individual learner may already know or doesn’t need to know.


Filtered Learning offers business courses like Business Analysis, Finance, Excel, SharePoint, Modelling Business Processes, etc. But these courses are delivered with a difference. Filtered uses an algorithm to work out from a test you take what you already know, what you don’t need to know and what you need to learn. It works by using your answers to questions to link you to other users, whose feedback produces recommendations of training modules you are most likely to find useful. Filtered claim that this saves users’ training workload by 20-50% and results in significant learning gains over unfiltered courses.


Nobody really has time to take a course these days. Most of us think about it and decide we’re too busy, or enroll on a course but don’t finish it due to time pressures, or do manage to complete a course but at the expense of other work priorities. What if we could really just learn what we need in bite-sized chunks or ‘micro-learning’? Filtered might be onto something here.