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xAPI adoption in eLearning SCORM

An insider view of xAPI adoption figures from Rustici

Just after our recent post about (s)low xAPI adoption in the L&D community, Rustici Software have published some behind-the-scenes figures on xAPI use in their own eLearning content delivery and testing service, SCORM Cloud. The fact that SCORM Cloud offers a built-in LRS (Learning Record Store) might be skewing the figures somewhat since it offers a turnkey LRS solution in an L&D world that hasn’t yet really joined up the xAPI/LRS implementation dots yet. But if our recent article seemed a bit gloomy about xAPI adoption, it’s only fair to hear from xAPI’s creators – Rustici Software – on the matter.

Bearing in mind that the figures come from Rustici’s own ecosystem and could be said to be not fully ‘out there in the wild’ (though it does involve real customers and projects), xAPI adoption rates are doubling every year in terms of xAPI packages uploaded to SCORM Cloud. But SCORM 1.2 is still overwhelmingly the most commonly used standard, with xAPI package uploads numbering 27,000 in total to date. “In most cases, SCORM 1.2 provides enough data and is still the most widely supported standard found in LMSs globally as the de facto eLearning standard,” says the report. xAPI currently accounts for 1.4% of course packages uploaded to SCORM Cloud.

2.5 million xAPI statements have been posted to the SCORM Cloud LRS in 2019 from external, non-launched activities, an increase of 150% over 3 years ago. The number of external platforms such as other LRS or Business Intelligence tools sending xAPI statements to the SCORM Cloud LRS has shown linear growth from 2015 to 2019. Numbers of xAPI-adopting software applications are growing both on ADL’s adopters registry and on Rustici’s own adopters directory. So xAPI is steadily gaining a foothold.

For those interested, slides from a presentation at DevLearn that outlined these adoption figures can be found here.