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How to get paid to travel the world

How to get paid to travel the world

There’s a course on Udemy that might be worth looking into if you’re tired of the 9 to 5 routine and want to see more of the world. It describes how to get paid to travel. They don’t give away the exact details of their method because that would be stupid – they are selling an ‘information product’ in the style of get rich quick schemes, and the only way to get at their secret sauce is to pay for it. But the basic idea seems tempting: spend some time (probably an awful lot of time) building up a social media brand, then sell yourself to sponsors – companies and travel agents - who will fund trips, accommodation and other goodies when they see how awesome your online reach is.


It’s probably travel blogging, but they don’t give that away. You’ll have to pay UK£40 to find out. The course consists of 31 lectures covering things like researching your market, setting goals and making plans, picking an audience and creating a brand. There is a heavy emphasis on growing followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest YouTube and email, which are all part of growing an online brand. The whole idea is to get free stuff whilst spending as little as possible, and that’s where the lecture on Guerrilla Marketing comes in. This section teaches methods and strategies of thinking outside the box to get your brand out there.


There is advice on making money while you’re out on the road, and ways to monetize your website and extend your revenue streams. Reviews on Udemy are all positive – but given the context of a course that teaches you how to get free stuff by networking, it’s probably fair to assume that not all the reviews are impartial. They could well be people who have been given a part-refund of the course fee in return for writing a positive review. That’s called sock puppeting, and while of course we don’t know, it could well be the case here. Then again, it might be genuinely awesome information  that could set you on a course towards the ultimate lifestyle.


So it’s up to you to decide whether to take the plunge and get this course. If you’re young and energetic and into blue sky thinking, it might be your ticket to that hammock, laptop and cocktail way of living we all dream of.