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Hot career: Drone Maintenance Technician

Hot career: Drone Maintenance Technician

Drones are filling our skies. If companies like Amazon manage to negotiate their way past aviation restrictions, drones will soon be delivering our shopping to our homes and workplaces. No longer just toys and aerial photography tools, drones are here to stay. They are used in search and rescue, disaster relief, bomb disposal, military and civilian reconnaissance, archaeology, infrastructure inspection, anti-poaching, conservation, construction and law enforcement.

They are evolving, too. In addition to the standard multicopter-type drones there are now flapping-wing ornithopters, tiny fly-like micro drones and crawling beetles and snakes for a variety of applications.

Like all machines, drones need maintenance and repair. There’s a lot to go wrong on a drone, including body, power systems, computer hardware, sensors, cameras, remote control systems, actuators and software. People with skills in these areas are in hot demand, and wages are correspondingly attractive.

So where can you get skilled up?

Specialist drone maintenance programs are springing up everywhere, and demand for courses is rising faster than a DJI Mavic Pro taking off. run an 8-week UAS Maintenance Training Course that gives a grounding in Airframes, Ground Control Stations, Payloads & Sensors, UAS Human Factors and Safety Management Systems. It then moves on to Engine Maintenance, Sensor Maintenance and Data-Link Maintenance.

Kansas State University Salina has a bachelor’s degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems that covers everything you need to become a professional in the field.

Unmanned Vehicle University offers postgraduate courses right up to PhD. Its Masters Degree in Unmanned Systems Engineering is more than a maintenance technician program. It’s more for those who want to design and build the next generation of drone technology.

Those are just a handful of the training offers out there. For a fuller list, check out dronetraininghq’s drone schools list.

If you’re more interested in flying drones for a living rather than fixing them, that’s a good career path too. Find out more about drone pilot courses on here.