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The formula for success: Excel training

Most office workers know a few Excel functions to get them through the day. But that’s like driving a Ferrari at walking pace. Excel is a massively powerful piece of software that can do almost anything that’s asked of it – if only you know how. Excel has arguably saved more hours of work than any other piece of software, but it needs to be programmed to do so. This means there is a substantial market for Excel training.

Virtually any data-driven recurring task can be automated using Excel, which makes the number of applications endless. But each specific task needs setting up with the correct formulae and data structure to make it run flawlessly every time. This is why the world needs Excel experts. But where do Excel experts go to gain their expertise? You don’t learn something as big as Excel by clicking around to see what happens and discovering things by accident, or even by reading one massive manual. You need structured and progressive learning, given in a context you can relate to, to make sense of it all.

A lot of free training is available, including from Microsoft themselves. It walks learners through the features and functions of Excel, but lacks professional context. This is where independent training companies come in, many of whom are specialised in Excel skills for a single profession or area of business.

One example is Excel University, an e-learning website offering Excel training for CPAs and accounting professionals. Its courses are organised into 3 progressive Volumes, each carrying a number of CPE points. There are also Lite versions of these which do not carry any CPE points but are available at a lower price. All courses address the Excel needs of those working in Accounting, providing a professional focus on the tasks accountants go through on a daily basis.

Jeff Lenning is the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Excel training professional who founded and runs Excel University. Lenning is still passionate about Excel, the software package he has built a successful training career around. Speaking of the first time he realised its potential, he says, ‘What a breath of fresh air! With Excel, I learned I could streamline processes and shorten two weeks’ worth of work into two days. Moreover, once I did it, I had it forever. I could reuse , fine tune and build on what I created.’

‘When I started Click Consulting [the company behind Excel University], I realized one of the best services I could offer was to teach people how to improve their processes with Excel.’

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