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Food Manager Training

Food Manager Training

Food Safety Managers are not only the overall managers of establishments but also chefs, cooks and owners. It is not enough for these people to have taken some food safety training a long time ago. They need to know about the latest food safety developments and regulations.

The online Food manager course helps those involved in food service management to correctly manage the storage, preparation and serving of food. It teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a team of food handlers and to deal with regulations and government inspections. Food managers need to be certified in most states to keep up to date with new state regulations and continuously improve supervision at their establishments.

The Food Safety Manager Certification course prepares you to take the nationally accredited certification exam of the American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP). This course is accredited by ANSI-CFP.

The exam tests and assesses food service managers on competencies related to the prevention of food-borne illnesses. The overall goal is to maximise public safety, and from the point of view of food service establishments, to mitigate liability in the event of litigation. In most states the Food Protection Manager exam must be taken in person at a proctored location. Information on choosing a testing center and scheduling an exam is supplied in the course.

As a Food Service Manager you will be responsible for the supervision of Food Handlers. Food Safety Manager Certification is essential to ensure that all precautions are being taken to create a food safe environment. Skills include, but are not limited to, a knowledge of food-borne illnesses and the types of food liable to become contaminated with each type, applying correct temperature control, and cleaning, sanitation and facility design.

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