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Diplomats needed!

Diplomats needed!

With the UK having voted to leave the European Union and right-wing leaders in Europe and around the world celebrating the decision (when this was written), it might be a good time for future leaders, administrators and businesspeople to deepen their knowledge of International Relations. In an atmosphere of growing nationalism, diplomacy and knowledge of world affairs are skills that might be in higher demand.


In addition to traditional college courses like Sussex University’s MA in International Relations or Georgetown University’s BSc in International Politics, shorter online courses are available. For general background knowledge, there’s BYU Independent University’s Introduction to International Politics. It is studied and assessed online, supported by some required textbooks. It covers the big themes such as World Politics to 1945, World Politics Since 1945, The Making of Foreign Policy, Explaining War, Ethnic Conflict and Terrorism, Global Security Efforts and Regional Economic Integration. The textbooks will need updating after the UK’s departure from the EU, but that reflects the dynamic nature of geopolitics and the need for skills in these areas.


How do you do business with a UK that is outside the European Union? That’s just one question where a course in International Business or International Management might come in handy. The sands of international commerce are constantly shifting, which makes activities like Foreign Direct Investment fraught with speculation and risk. Again, there are traditional offerings like Loughborough University’s postgraduate degree in International Management, but again BYU Independent University comes to the rescue of those without the time to devote to full-time college study. It offers an online Introduction to International Business that teaches, among much else, the Determination of Exchange Rates, Export and Import Strategies,  Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements and the Cultural Environments Facing Business.


There are even scholarships available to assist students in taking these courses. So there are opportunities for those who need skills in international politics and business but cannot take a year (or three) out of life and work to acquire them.