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Digitizing the sales funnel: online advertising

Digitizing the sales funnel: online advertising

Online advertising is a zillion-dollar industry. From AdWords to clickbait, it permeates our online lives as it tries to conjure everyone’s credit cards out of their wallets. As it matures it is creating new career opportunities as brands seek to maximise their online impact. Anyone with a sales & marketing background finds themselves increasingly embroiled in the online arms race. Some pick up the skills along the way, while others can benefit from some training. If Buffer, Mailchimp, CPC and BuzzSumo are foreign words to you, read on.

Open2Study offers a 1-month course in Online Advertising, taking students through how the industry has developed, how it complements traditional media, essential digital jargon and key concepts, key measurement metrics for online ads, setting up and running campaigns, and how digital has changed consumers’ decision-making habits and the effects this has on the sales funnel. With Facebook the third largest ‘country’ in the world and numbers of digital natives rising all the time, online advertising skills are increasingly sought after, and this is one course that can bring you up to speed.

The course is entirely online and consists of videos, quizzes and assessments in four modules: Evolution of Online Advertising, Types of Online Advertising, Digital Platforms and Digital Campaign Planning & Management. Those who love this course can progress to Open Universities Australia’s Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications). also offers courses in Writing for the Web, User Experience for the Web and Big Data for Better Performance. The Online Advertising course featured here could potentially lead to or accelerate careers in:

  • Social media, marketing and public relations
  • Internet content management
  • Online media production
  • Communication design or Marketing project manager
  • Account director
  • Account planning manager
  • Client services executive
  • Client services director