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The guides to selling courses online

The guides to selling courses online

Are you thinking of selling courses online? You’ve come to the right place. At we help people like you to get up and running with everything they need to get their learning content formatted properly and loaded into a Learning Management System (LMS). But that’s only half the battle. We can also offer good advice on how to make people aware of your course (marketing) and strategies for making them click ‘Buy’ (selling). Bringing online courses to market is our specialty.  

We haven’t got time to help everyone individually, so we’ve produced a series of short guides to the essentials of planning, creating and running an online courses operation. Each guide is a bite-sized introduction to an aspect of setting up and running an eLearning business. They help to address the issues that we find our customers confronting most often. We’ve called it the Academy and it is available on Kindle.

In fact (free tip!), Kindle can be used as a lead generating tool for your onlkine courses. Publish a short Kindle eBook covering an aspect of your course’s subject matter and price it free or at a low price. Add a reference to your online course inside the Kindle book and tell readers where to find it. If the eBook arouses interest and leaves readers wanting to learn more, they are quite likely to head over to your website and check out your course.

It’s tips like this that we have included in the Academy bite-sized guides.

Topics coverd are:

  • Formatting your courses. How to get your online course into a format that works well with the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • How to create valuable course content. Understanding your market and what people need from an online course.
  • 5 steps to sell your online training courses. A high-level overview of the path to success in selling courses online.
  • Online copywriting. Learn ways of producing compelling web content that makes people hungry to buy your course.
  • Mobile marketing. With well over 50% of web page views now being on mobile devices, you need to know some tricks of the trade when it comes to grabbing people’s attention as they scroll.
  • Video marketing. Video is proven to be the most effective way of marketing an online course.
  • SEO. How to optimise your website so that people who might be interested in your course can find it via Search.
  • Marketing your courses Part 1. Content marketing, building backlinks, social media marketing and more on video marketing.
  • Marketing your courses Part 2. Beyond the blog, more on SEO, email marketing and staying in touch with your learners after the sale.
  • Social media marketing. How to use social media platforms to drive sales of your online course.
  • Content marketing. Using the power of web content to generate course sales.
  • SEO: building backlinks. How to do it right.
  • Lead generation. Inbound vs. outbound marketing and fundamentals of lead generation.
  • Offer your courses on the right platforms. Online course delivery systems and how to pick the right one for you.

Ready to get started? Check out the Academy eBooks at Amazon.