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Comic Art: this course can make you a pro

Comic Art: this course can make you a pro

Have you always doodled? Do you cover every available piece of paper in ideas, designs and cartoons? Then you have a natural affinity for creating visual images and it might be worth exploring the world of comic art. It might be possible to turn your ‘idle’ doodles into a career as a creative professional. Not paying attention or being bored in school could lead to a fulfilling creative career! While the non-doodlers settle into their jobs as accountants and financial advisors, those who doodled have the chance of really becoming something. But where to get the artistic and professional development needed to break into the world of comic books?

Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comic Art which pretty much turns you into a pro. Embracing both conventional and experimental aspects of comic storytelling, it’s a four-year course that culminates in an introduction to the professional world through its Emerging Talent Showcase, which shares your work with potential employers.

The Degree includes an internship as well as courses in Professional Practice, Comic Storytelling, Comic Book Publishing in Print and on the Web, Experimental Comics, Comic Media and Concepts, Figure Drawing, Art & Design History, The Comic Scene, Comic Character Development, Comic Materials and Techniques, Ideation & Process and Contemporary Practice, as well as a thorough program of seminars and lectures about drawing in 2D and 3D and the techniques and variety involved in the comic art world.

Students can select the usual variety of Liberal Arts electives along with their major in Comic Art. Overall, the degree can lead to a career as cartoonist, comic editor, comic artists, comic writer, or the specialized areas of writer, penciller, colorist, letterer and inker.

You can see some examples of student work here.

Information on grants and aid is here.