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Cleanse THIS! Healthy eating straight from the horse’s mouth

Cleanse THIS! Healthy eating straight from the horse’s mouth

When it comes to eating healthily, would you take advice from a celebrity or a world-famous medical school? (Hint: would you take financial advice from a random person in the street or from Warren Buffett?)

Chlorella algae and activated charcoal smoothies. That’s one example of substances that lifestyle gurus will suggest you ingest to ‘cleanse’ the body of ‘toxins’. And we won’t even go into what they often suggest you put in your other end to – guess what – cleanse the body of toxins. Because ... ew.

If only there were a group of professionals whose entire careers were dedicated to how the body works and optimising it for health and longevity through scientifically proven methods. Ah well, we’ll just have to ... oh wait, there is such a group, you say? What does this mysterious coven call itself, then?


They are smart and have read a ton of books. They spend their lives looking inside people and seeing how what we put into ourselves affects us. Instead of promising to ‘cleanse’ us of ‘toxins’, they have strategies for eating which reduce the risk of things like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Harvard Medical School is full of smart people who paid attention at school. They have created a 6 Week Plan for Healthy Eating with no algae or charcoal or scary hoses in sight. The program teaches the principles of healthy eating as well as giving recipes and suggestions. Through charts, quizzes, slideshows, worksheets and printable shopping lists, it walks you along the path to health and fitness. But just to include a little bit of that celeb-goss buzz, it includes a weekly superfood and explains how it can help your health.

One of the best ideas in the program is to wean people onto healthier foods with breakfast, lunch and dinner ‘makeovers’. Rather than taking away your favourite foods and replacing them with something alien, they take typical plates of food and substitute or tweak each ingredient to make it healthier. This is because they are smart and had to take a psychology module back in med school so they know how our minds work as well.

It costs $29.95 and could set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating, so what’s not to like?

Colonic irrigations are also available from doctors, but you actually need to be sick before they’ll do it.